Major Cities:

*Waterdeep – A large city on the western coast of Faerun. It has a large mix of races and a thriving economy. Many powerful people live here. This is the place that the party sailed out of after signing up with Adara to join the army of Selûne.

*Athkatla – The capital city of Amn, far south of Waterdeep. The people of Amn are paranoid and hateful of magic and magic users (arcane, not divine). They are run by an anonymous council of lords. Which the party convinced to help them with their quest to free Murann.

*Murann – A large wealthy port city on the western coast of Faerun. This city was taken over by two Ogre mages and a horde of monterous humanoids and giants. The Party is currently at war here.

Towns and Villages

Other Places of Note

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