Friends of the Party
Adara Lae’lithar
Alexander Demaros
Brenvol Whitebrow

Amnish Forces:
*Sir Robert Goldwin – Knight-Captain of the Amnish forces (Troy doesn’t like him)
Lieutenant Samouel Cicero – Master of Cavalry
Lieutenant Nicolaus Agni – Master of Foot Soldiers
Lieutenant Isidora Jovita – Mistress of Archers
Lieutenant Rafael Garaile – Warrior priest

Tethyrian Forces:
Lord Sebastion Hendrik – Knight-Commander of Tethyrian Army (Human)
Adrian Aurelio – Commander of Battle-Mages of Tethyr (Sun Elf)
Malachi Ilarion – Wood Elf Archer, Commander of Archers (Half Wood-Elf)
Renatus Velimir – Human Male Battle Priest of Tethyr (Human)
Marianne Amos – Commander of Footsoldiers (Human)
Sofia Ilithyia – Tree-Speaker of Tethyr (Avariel)

h4. Other Allies:
High-Cleric Merideth Vincent – General of the Selune Army (half elf (moon)
Quintillus Ikshvaku – Centaur Leader
Hawk – A catfolk scout

Other People You Have Met Who Don’t Fit in the Other Categories
Kzanthaagor – Young Adult Blue Dragon

Enemies/People You Know Don’t Like You

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